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Program 2018 (translated by Google translate)

The Sami National Theater offers four premiere premieres in the 2018/1950 theater and a world premiere in Sami; namely Pippi Nallesuohkku (Pippi Langstrømpe). Get to know the Beaivváš-year 2018!

Snøfrid on tour

The story of Snøfrid is about the strong power of love - which can both destroy and build, and about a humans journey through the dark to reach the light. The story also tells about peoples who have lived side by side for centuries - sometimes in peace and reciprocity other times in suspicion and hostility.

Snøfrid Svåsedatter

One of the strangest passages in Snorres saga about the Norwegian kings, is the story about Snøfrid Svåsedatter; a Sámi woman who married Harald Hårfagre. The theater play "Snøfrid", written by Arne Berggren, has world premiere in January.