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Rievssatčivga (Grouse kid) – A fairytale play for the whole family

"Rievssatčivga" is Jens Martin Mienna´s debut as a playwriter. The theatre´s entire ensemble and creative staff creates a family event where both humor, excitement and fairytale wisdom comes into its own. The production wants to preserve traditions and renewing them. Yoik, stage setting and the actors' physical expression will help to create a visual and musical feast for the senses.

Jielemen Aavoe – Sápmis voice in 2017 is calling

The anniversary concert Jielemen Aavoe – The joy of life World premiere at 17.00 & second concert at 20.00 in Olavshallen, Trondheim. "The joy of life" will be played 3rd and last time in Stormen Music Hall, Bodø 8th of February at 19.00.

Teáhter stuora ávvokonsearttain (no english version available)

Guovvamánu 6. B. 1917 dollui vuosttaš almmolaš sámi váldočoahkkin Troandimis ja dal 100 jagi maŋŋel ávvuduvvo dát stuorrát, ea. ea. Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhterin gii ovttas beakkáneamos sámi artisttaiguin ja KORK čuojahanjoavkkuin, čájeha ávvokonseartta Jielemen Aavoe Olavshallenis.