A dark comedy from the North.

“1814 has just happened, and the Norwegians are more or less masters of their own country. After the Danes have managed all matters in Norway for centuries, the Norwegian nation´s finally standing strong, though on shaky legs. From Lindesnes in the south to, – yepp, that´s right; “Finmarken”, this endless prairie, with all its brutality and paganism. With all these uncivilized natives who stand in the way of progress and the Norwegian nation.

Luckily, the Norwegian state dispose a solid pack of rugged, handsome cowboys who´ll know how to handle that kind of Indians. You´ll get to meet the governor, representing the law in this godforsaken place. You´ll also meet his friend, the lappologue scientist Mr. Keyser, who, when he is not concerned with scull measurements, is a very pleasant acquaintance. Furthermore, you´ll meet mr. Pedersen, the local barkeeper. Pedersen is a former Sami, a fact that never should be mentioned in his presence, if you want to stay alive. Arriving on horseback from the left is an outlaw named John. He´s banished by the authorities and sentenced to a lonely life at the tundra as part of the colonization project of the Norwegian government. Outlaw and gunfighter John is quick with his gun, but rather slow intellectually. Then, of course, there´s Ailo. An easy-going, pragmatic coastal Sami who finally gets enough. Who´s fed up with them all.

“What happens at the tundra stays at the tundra.”

Instructor: Yngve Sundvor
Manuscript: Yngve Sundvor in cooperation with the actors.
Duration 1:15.
Languages: Norwegian (with a few lines in English and Sami).
Press: If any of these pictures from the play are been used, the photographer Aslak Mikal Mienna, should been given credits (not the poster image, credit to Stig Håvard Dirdal)  – the photos are avaiable in press quality, click on on of the photos, then it pop up in a new window, right-click on it, chose “download” etc. and then store it locally in you computer.