Utsolgt premiere, men…

Premieren til Giđđadulvi VII fredag 27. april i Guovdageaidnu er utsolgt, men dere i Kautokeino som ikke fikk sikret seg billett til den første forestillingen kan sikre seg plass i den 2. forestillingen, på lørdag 28. april. Eller finne en passende dato og sted utover turnéen.

Program 2018 (translated by Google translate)

The Sami National Theater offers four premiere premieres in the 2018/1950 theater and a world premiere in Sami; namely Pippi Nallesuohkku (Pippi Langstrømpe). Get to know the Beaivváš-year 2018!

Spring floods at Beaivváš (translated by Google translate)

Six times the spring flood has reached the theater scene since the theater started 37 years ago. And now the jam goes to a seventh time, now that the theater is ready with Giđadadvi (Springflom) immediately. So then you just have to put on your rubber boots and get ready for humorous, satirical and casual theater in revyform which, with its focus on topicalities, kicks up, here and a little bit.

Snøfrid on tour

The story of Snøfrid is about the strong power of love - which can both destroy and build, and about a humans journey through the dark to reach the light. The story also tells about peoples who have lived side by side for centuries - sometimes in peace and reciprocity other times in suspicion and hostility.

Snøfrid Svåsedatter

One of the strangest passages in Snorres saga about the Norwegian kings, is the story about Snøfrid Svåsedatter; a Sámi woman who married Harald Hårfagre. The theater play "Snøfrid", written by Arne Berggren, has world premiere in January.

Heddadagene – a new theatre festival

The Sami National Theatre Beaivváš participates in the Heddadagene theatre festival, in Oslo in June. There you can experience our play "Vinduer" (Windows) by Veronica Salinas.

Two performances in production

The theatre is now working with two new productions; "Stallo and the northern lights son", which is a performance for our youngest audience, with premiere in August. The performance "Johan Turi" is a drama about the creation of the book "Muitalus sámiid birra" with premiere in September.

Jielemen Aavoe – Sápmis voice in 2017 is calling

The anniversary concert Jielemen Aavoe – The joy of life World premiere at 17.00 & second concert at 20.00 in Olavshallen, Trondheim. "The joy of life" will be played 3rd and last time in Stormen Music Hall, Bodø 8th of February at 19.00.

The ratcathcer is loose (no enligsh translation are available)

Den 16. mars slapp Beaivváš løs Rottefangern på en barnehage i Guovdageaidnu. Mao, Egil Keskitalo viste for første gang den samiske versjonen av den klassiske og det kjente eventyret Rottefangern fra Hameln, i alle fall i fortellerteaterversjonen. Etter på ble det feiret med saft. Og rottekaker.

Buorre árvosánát bihkkasevdnjes čájálmas loahpai (no english version available)

(no english version available) Vuosttaščájálmasa rájes golggotmánu 9 beaivvi - lea Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter mátkkoštan Skoavdnji čájálmasain Norggas, Ruoŧas ja Suomas. Geahččit leat bures vuosttá váldán dan maid leat oaidnán ja gullan. Nu leat teáhterárvvoštallit maid dahkan, go čájálmas lea ožžon hirbmat buriid árvosániid, go omd čállet ahte «sevdnjes goalus čájálmas čájehuvvo hui earenoamáš buori ja jáhkehahtti vuogi mielde». Sánit mat sakka illudahttet min teáhterhoavdda gii fargga lea heaitimin. Ja dal nogaige maid mátki, guokte dievvá čájálmasaiguin Oslos.

Popular cub left Beaivváš

The popular cub Niilá has left Beaivváš permanently. From early March this year until mid-April he and the other sea animals from the Arctic have been entertaining all over Sápmi.

The new artistic director

Rolf Degerlund will be the new artistic director at The Sami National Theatre Beaivváš from 01.01.2016.