Program spring/summer 2018:

Giđđadulvi VII

Giđđadulvi VII (Giđđadulvi=Spring floods).

Try to imagine how it had been to live in Hammerfest where it is walking distance to the hospital? You do not have to spend 5 hours in an ambulance. Or worse yet; get stuck in snow storms on the sandaland and remove the small intestine. Yes, then it is better to live in Hammerfest and get a real appendicitis there! (translated by Google translate).More info.

Be aware: The price of tickets bought at the pre-sale on the net are 220/170 kr, the price of tickets bought at the playhouse on the performance evening are 300 kr.

Pre-sale tickets
Pre-sale tickets Alta play
Pre-sale tickets Tromsø play

  • Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino – bear/fre. 27.4. dii/kl. 21:00 Alfreds Kro (urpremiere)
  • Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino – lávv/lør. 28.4. dii/kl. 21:00 Alfreds Kro
  • Áltá/Alta – duor/tors. 3.5. dii/kl. 21:00 City Scene
  • Olmmáivággi/Manndalen, bear/fre. 4.5. dii/kl. 21:00 DÁG senter
  • Romsa/Tromsø, lávv/lør. 5.5. dii/kl. 22:00 Prelaten
  • Ohcejohka/Utsjoki bear/fre. 11.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Valle Village (báikkálaš áigi/lokal tid)
  • Deatnu/Tana lávv/lør. 12.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Blue X
  • Oslo gask/ons. 16.5. dii/kl. 20:00  Samisk Hus
  • Leavdnja/Lakselv fre/bear. 18.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Antikstore
  • Kárášjohka/Karasjok lávv/lør. 19.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Scandic Hotell
  • Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino – bear/fre. 25.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Alfreds Kro


Heddadagene/-beaivvit 2018
Beaivváš take part at Heddadagene

The Sami National Theatre takes part at the Heddadagene (dagene=days).

Heddadagene takes place in june 2018 in Oslo, for more information, visit Heddadagene. The contribution from our theatre is build on texts by Áillohaš, from the Dream seer, and will be shown on Saturday of 16th of June. Tickets to this performances (to plays) is been found here. More info will come.

Tickets to the program in general.

Autum 2018:

Beaivváš shows its version of Pippi the Longstocking!