Giđđadulvi VII

Giđđadulvi VII (Spring floods VII) (translated by Google translate)

Try to imagine how it had been to live in Hammerfest where it is walking distance to the hospital? You do not have to spend 5 hours in an ambulance. Or worse yet; get stuck in snow storms on the sandaland and remove the small intestine. Yes, then it is better to live in Hammerfest and get a real appendicitis there!

Not long, you will have the opportunity to hear about this and more when the Sami National Theater Beaivváš presents the seventh Giđđadulvi revue as the humorist and the author Knut Nærum has written the lyrics.

In this seventh edition of Giđadadvi (Springflom), we get – like in previous editions – different and current everyday challenges; as most people have heard of or have experienced.

Premiere: April 27, 2018, Alfreds Kro, Kautokeino

Director: Rolf Degerlund

By: Knut Nærum

Actors: Anja Saiva Bongo Bjørnstad, Inge Márjá Sarre, Mary Sarre and Egil Keskitalo

Musician: Roger Ludvigsen

Sound engineer: Olav Johan Eira

Play list:
  • Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino – bear/fre. dii/kl. 21:00 Alfreds Kro (urpremiere)
  • Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino – lávv/lør. 28.4. dii/kl. 21:00 Alfreds Kro
  • Áltá/Alta – duor/tors. 3.5. dii/kl. 21:00 City Scene
  • Olmmáivággi/Manndalen, bear/fre. 4.5. dii/kl. 21:00 DÁG senter
  • Romsa/Tromsø, lávv/lør. 5.5. dii/kl. 22:00 Prelaten
  • Ohcejohka/Utsjoki bear/fre. 11.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Valle Village (báikkálaš áigi/lokal tid)
  • Deatnu/Tana lávv/lør. 12.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Blue X
  • Oslo gask/ons. 16.5. dii/kl. 21:00  Samisk Hus
  • Leavdnja/Lakselv fre/bear. 18.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Antikstore
  • Kárášjohka/Karasjok lávv/lør. 19.5. dii/kl. 21:00 Scandic Hotell

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