FRIKAR dance company in cooperation with the Sami National Theatre Beaivváš and Teater Innlandet premieres a new production in September 2015. Choreographer & dancer Hallgrim Hansegård and the Sami joik singer Torgeir Vassvik use their ancient traditions of trance dance and music to travel to paralell spaces of the conciousness. Starting with the animal inspired forms of their traditions they aim to bring on its essence into the formlessness and trance on stage. The two masters of halling dance and joik music have earlier opened up new paths between the contemporary dance and music and Norwegian traditions. This is the first time they join forces.

Hansegård won The Silver Prize of Performing Arts at Prix Italia 2013 and is described by National Geaographis as “wildly inventive”.

Duration: 50 min

On tour from 08.08 – 28.08 2015 in northern parts of Norway.

Choregraphy and dance by Hallgrim Hansegård
Music and joik by Torgeir Vassvik
Lightdesign by  Horst Muhlberger
Sound by   Herman Kvelperud
Photos by Cahtrine Dokken

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