The text of “My home is in my heart” is written by Argentinian actress and playwright Veronica Salinas, with additional text and poems by the great Sami writer Nils Aslak Valkepää and “yoik” performer and composer Inga Juuso. The play is performed by Veronica Salinas and Inga Juuso, accompanied by musician Asmund Reistad (earlier Per Einar Watle). The director is Haukur J. Gunnarsson who is also artistic director of Beaivváš, and the costumes are designed by prize-winning Sami designer Berit Marit Haetta.

The theme of the play is the dilemma of belonging to two cultures or SPLIT IDENTITY, between a dominant majority culture and an indigenous minority culture. In the play Veronica Salinas’ text draws from her childhood experiences as a “mixed-blood” – half Spanish Argentinian and half ethnic Guaraní (native tribe of central South America). Tormented by her peers in Buenos Aires as a “blackhead” (native), she was also met with suspicion by the native village children (because of her “city-girl” manners) when she spent the summers with her beloved grandmother Lola.

To underline the universality of the theme, the play draws a parallel with the Sami of Norway who have also been forced to live with a dual identity, conforming to the Norwegian majority culture while retaining a Sami identity.

Duration: approx. 45 min.

Language: Norwergian and Sámi.

Premiere: 25th of February 2012 at Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter Guovdageaidnu.

My_home_is_in_my_heart_nov 2012 NEPAL

Press, others: Credtis, photographer Kristin Aafløy Opdan